Ainscough Wind Energy Services has gained significant experience of decommissioning and dismantling wind turbines and wind plants and has a fully qualified, experienced team that can be deployed Europe-wide specifically for this task.

Supported by the expertise of Ainscough Heavy Cranes in complex recovery lifts and working in conjunction with the Ainscough Wind Energy Services fully integrated management, Health and Safety, environmental and quality systems, Ainscough Wind Energy Services ensures successful, well planned and fully risk assessed project delivery every time.

Our decommissioning service can be further supported by utilising rope access services from our IRATA accredited Ainscough Wind Energy Services Rope Access Department where detailed surveys may be required.

Ainscough Wind Energy Services has the ability to design, manufacture, test and supply specialist lifting equipment that may be required for older turbines where original lifting equipment is no longer available. Our expertise has been called upon for a number of projects including in fire damaged turbines both in the UK and across Europe. These particular projects require extensive investigation and planning with respect to health and safety and the environmental impacts, plus the increased risks during the lifting stage.

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