Labour Only Packages

Ainscough Wind Energy Services is a leading supplier of adaptable and comprehensive skilled technicians for the installation, maintenance and servicing of onshore and offshore wind turbines. We have already worked on 90% of the UK’s wind farms and helped to install, commission and/or service over half of all the UK’s onshore and offshore wind farms.

Many of our customers require a bespoke labour only package, whereby we can supply medium to high levels of technicians, skilled and competent technicians. We also provide vital resource where there is a requirement for installation managers, lifting supervisors, mechanical and electrical technicians and complete installation teams.

Our extensive technicians network in the supply of technicians and engineers mean we can quickly mobilise support for a range of labour only projects to assist customers in delivering their projects. Our teams can vary from 1-2 technicians to teams of 25+.

Just some of the skills we can offer include:

  • Rigging
  • Lifting
  • Torquing
  • Stretching
  • Mechanical and electrical fitting

All of our staff are of the highest competency, thanks to our comprehensive development and unique improvement programmes made possible by the Ainscough Crane Hire Academy. Manufacturer-lead training, ongoing assessment and first-class training on new and upgraded equipment all make Ainscough the safe choice for labour provision on any wind energy lift.

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