Operations & Maintenance Services

We can provide a full and comprehensive range of services, as part of a tailored package, to fulfil every requirement of owning a safe, efficient and profitable asset. Extensive experience and knowledge underpins our specialised ability to manage these assets and deliver a greater
– Detailed strategy development
– Tailored original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Strategy specific to each wind farm
– Advanced budgeting with cost benefit analysis of any unscheduled work shared
with the client
  • Preventative maintenance regimes
  • Emergency environmental cleaning e.g gear oil or hydraulic spill
  • Wind turbine blade cleaning, rope access or platform
  • Gearbox inspection and oil changes
  • Load testing, installation and certification of anchor/eyebolts
  • Installation, inspection and certification of fall arrest equipment
  • Technical access assistance
  • Installation & repair of wind monitoring systems
  • Lightening conductor/protection testing, installation & repair
  • Supply authorised technicians and engineers
  • 24 hour call out service
  • Fault finding, diagnosis and repair services annual servicing
  • Major component changes, including gearboxes, generators and blades
  • Blade inspection and repair
  • Flush gearbox oil
Operations & Maintenance Services | Ainscough Wind Energy Services